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Data Science Lab Mission

To promote the education and research mission of the Air Force Institute of Technology by integrating teams of students, professors, and research partners for the purpose of solving theory-driven, operationally relevant research to advance the DoD’s evidence-based decision-making capabilities.

Advanced Data Analytics

We leverage expertise across the analytics spectrum to advance DoD decision-making processes and create new forms of evidence based insights.

Complex Data

We provide expertise to develop strategies for collecting, storing, and processing big data sources. This enables better data accessibility, quality, and alignment capabilities for customer organizations.

Data Science Education

Through our graduate-level and continuing education courses, leading-edge Data Science Certificate Program, and publicly available online resources - we help make analysts and analytic consumers more competent.

Technology Diffusion

Creating, prototyping, and deploying digital strategies, analytic products, and open source technology tools to create more efficient and effective analytic platforms for organizations.


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Dr. Brad Boehmke

Dr. Brad Boehmke

Assistant Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Lt Col Chris Smith, PhD

Lt Col Chris Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Operations Research

Dr. Ken Bauer

Dr. Ken Bauer

Professor of Operations Research

Maj. Jason Freels, PhD

Maj. Jason Freels, PhD

Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering

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